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Download Comodo Free Antivirus

Download Comodo Free Antivirus 2018 Latest Version

Download Comodo Antivirus is the free means to rid your computer system of infections, malware, Trojans, worms, cyberpunks, and also various other Web risks. Check any drive or data, get extensive records on viral activity and also block questionable files that act like infections do. The latest version sees a major leap onward in protection as well as usability with a totally revamped user interface as well as the addition of Infection Range technology.

Download Comodo Antivirus  is unbeatable at obstructing zero-day dangers because it automatically isolates untrusted data in an online atmosphere where they could not access the underlying os or sensitive customer data. Under default setups, unidentified as well as untrusted documents are immediately scanned by our cloud-based infection scanners after that, while the data undergoes behavior analysis on our cloud server, it is run in a sandbox on your regional equipment to make sure that it could not modify or influence information on your ‘real’ system. Put simply, this ground-breaking, default-deny, defense of your COMPUTER indicates that only trusted applications are allowed to run on your computer. Malware and also untrusted files get nowhere near anything important AND you reach use your computer system without interruption from unpleasant alerts.

Download Comodo Antivirus also includes a system for you to submit any kind of files you think are dubious to Comodo for evaluation. Is it a new infection? Have other individuals sent it? Or has it already been declared PC-friendly as well as arrived on the white-list? Comodo Antivirus is the intelligent infection protection system that provides several layers of hi-tech defense against recognized and also unidentified risks. It also consists of complete on-access/on-demand scanning, spyware defense, habits analysis of unacknowledged data, a built-in scheduler as well as totally free, day-to-day updates.

The user interface of Comodo Antivirus  is crisp, elegant and pleasing to the eyes. It allows you to quickly change the setups based on your demands as well as needs. All the usual attributes such as automated infection interpretation updates, infection detection, real-time, on demand accessibility scanning, quarantine etc, are all available in Comodo’s strong Antivirus option.

On The Whole, Comodo Antivirus is a good, proactive solution to maintain your computer system safe. It gives a membrane layer of defense against infections, worms and Trojan horse data.

Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10/ Mac OS

Latest Version : 2022

Name : Comodo Internet Antivirus

Size :5.24MB

Download Comodo Free Antivirus Latest Version

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